Purawisata Ramayana Ballet is the third generation after the group Ramayana Ramayana and Ramayana Sompilan Prambanan. Ramayana Sompilan no longer hold his regular gig since the end of 1974. In the absence of the Ramayana scene serving the art in Yogyakarta for foreign travelers in the evening just Wayang Kulit in Ratna Kriyasta in front of Hotel Ambarrukmo. While in THR Sasanasuka staged Wayag People led by Dahanan, Section Head THR Arts Camps like grain Puppet People Yogyakarta.Akan but did not attract foreign tourists because of the constraints bahasa.Penonton puppet virtually undeveloped, is increasingly menurun.Akibatnya income entry is not sufficient for day-to-hari.Kehidupan puppet people simply rely on Government subsidies are very limited. Seeing that the situation in Yogyakarta no tourist attraction for foreign tourists who regularly staged puppet people and the lack of income, it gives birth to the idea of ​​minds Dahanan to hold extra show in the form of ballet before staging puppet people, with the hope of foreign tourists can enjoy. To realize this idea, asks Marcus Dahanan Pardiman, a talented young dancer and Suyadi to gather young dancers looking for dancers lainnya.Pada time the Ramayana is not easy. With great difficulty finally terkumpulah number of talented dancers, among other tasks Kumorohadi, Budiharto, B, Djoko Suseno, Budi Hartini, Sri Tanti Susanti, Toni, Walujohadi and puppet dancers who are considered capable.

            At the date of August 10, 1976 as the organization Ramayana THR Sasanasuka sekstra puppet show stand customarily expressed (omne vivum ex ovo). Puppet Day by day people are diserati income extra Ramayana is increasing and can support all anggotanya.Akan but most "senior citizens "incorporated in the Puppet People, requested that the puppet stage and Ramayana wayang separated because they think people can generate sufficient income without performing additional Ramayana. Finally in June 1979, Ramayana THR Sasanasuka have to move to another stage to stage in just followed some young dancers, including Sugeng Trisulo should double role as coach and director, Tanti Sri Susanti as Sprott, Entam Pujirahayu as Trijatha, Sunarsih as deer, Sigit as Ravana, as Jatayu Yoyo CHK, Supriyanto as Marica, Moch Dachroni as Honoman, Heru sukamto as rama, Bambang and Subagyo as Lesmana. Due to shortage of dancers, then Sugeng Trisulo recruit youths who did not have the skills to be trained to be a dancer dancing extras, which in turn is able to be a dancer character. Ramayana Ballet performances can be run properly and generate income as they should.

            In mid 1984, the Ramayana THR Sasanasuka cooperation with the West German ZDF TV, so it can be displayed and the "known" in mainland Eropa.Kemudian in July to September 1985, some members of the Ramayana THR Sasanasuka international level following the festival, the Festival Mondial du folkore in Europe . Mission is led by the invitation Monseour Dahanan Jean Proux of Montoir France. Thus the name of Ramayana THR Sasanasuka increasingly recognized at the international level. Some members of the Ramayana THR Sasanasuka other in consistently implementing Pentasnya THR Sasanasuka led by FX. Sutjipto as a responsible stage and Daljuri Genjur as responsible musicians. However, upon his return from Europe, the region of Yogyakarta Sasanasuka THR, which became the Ramayana berpentas THR Sasanasuka demolished because the venue contract is up. However Ramayana are still able to hold her stage-managed to occupy the building and Kebudayaan.Tapi state Department of Education is not like it used to be because income earned decreased.

            At August 1988, THR Sasanasuka region contracted by PT. Dwipaya Ganesh Bhakti of Jakarta with responsible Taufik Hidayat, who subsequently named place Purawisata, where Ramayana THR Sasanasuka cooperation to date. Furthermore Ramayana name was changed to THR Sasanasuka Purawisata Ramayana Ballet. Good fortune is still not in favor of the Ramayana Ballet Purawisata because the number of spectators yet as diharapkan.Hingga February 1992 Purawisata sala fielded one of his staff, a well-known cultural AN namely Anwar, together with existing management to fix Dahanan in Ramayana. Management improvement came in the new figures in the team's dancers, among others Murwadi a graduate of Bachelor of Dance Teachers' Training College Yogyakarta as a director and choreographer Suwarjiyo.

            Cooperation Dahanan, Anwar AN, Muwardi and Suwarjiyo to fruition, as evidenced by the increasing tourist visits as planned so the predicate Ramayana Ballet Purawisata as the best in town can not be denied. In addition to the title, Ramayana Ballet Purawisata also received various awards for their loyalty and awareness of the arts Purawisata Ramayana Ballet and received final budaya.Pengahargaan is an award from the Department of Tourism, Art and Culture of the city of Yogyakarta and the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI). Award from Department of Tourism, Art and Culture in Yogyakarta submitted on October 12 2001.Selanjutnya on November 8, 2002, Ramayana Ballet Purawisata received an award from MURI as the only group that has performed Ramayana Ballet for 25 years every night without stopping.

            In staging the Ramayana full story, Ramayana Ballet Purawisata currently supported by 33 dancers, 25 men and 8 relatives pengrawit work. As of the date of August 10, 2002 tomorrow, definitively dramas Purawisata Ramayana Ballet has been running for 26 years (9,490 days) continuously without stopping, although de facto, the stage-Pentasnya has lasted over this period.